Wine Industry

Grade: Ashafin

Ashafin is a selectively mined high montmorillonite Sodium Bentonite produced under controlled conditions. Ashafin is a special grade bentonite used for fining of wine.



Product Properties:

  • Less iron leaching content
  • Low heavy metal content


  • High active clay content
  • Quick dispersion capacity
  • Efficient protein
  • Absorption and high CEC


Domain Leadership

  • World’s 3rd largest producer of Bentonite
  • World’s 3rd largest Bleaching Clay producer
  • India's largest producer of refractory material
  • India's largest producer of proppants


Ashapura Minechem Limited (Bentonite Division)

278, Jeeven Udyog Building, Dr D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai, India - 400 001

Tel: +91 22 6665 1700


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