Products & Applications
Products & Applications
Product Description : ASHCOLL is high quality specially designed sodium Bentonite with high montmorillonite consisting of micronized particles selectively produced for Iron ore Pelletization. ASHCOLL is produced keeping in mind the complex & hanging needs of the IOP industry
Key features :
Low Silica (48 -50 % SiO2) resulting in lesser impurities in the final pellets
Designed for substantial reduction of Bentonite consumption thereby reducing the Si02 content in the pellet chemistry
High % of Iron Oxide (up to 15%), ideal for iron ore pelletizing.
High montmorillonite content, resulting in lower bentonite consumption rate.
Excellent water absorption rate resulting in maximum bonding with filtercake.
Excellent Green Ball Drop Properties.
  Polygel SP-200
Product Description : Reduction in bentonite dosage up to 30 % to achieve similar. pellets properties compared to regular Bentonite
Product Applications :
Higher GCS, DCS & Drop Number at lower Bentonite dosage.
Less slag formation due to less silica from Bentonite.
Better air permeability during firing.
POLYGEL also helps in faster pellet growth rate.
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