Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
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Started as a seed, Ashapura Groups has now blossomed to a steady and enduring banyan tree, with its branches spread all over the world. However, the larger the tree, the deeper its roots! We are firmly and indigenously entrenched with the land of Kutch and look forward replaying this gratuitous debt to the native land and its inhabitants.

Being a part of the society, we understand our responsibilities and strive to fulfill them. At Ashapura, while we are known to have won the trust and faith of our shareholders, the stakeholders are never left behind. We aim to fulfill our social responsibilities by contributing towards a sustainable and beneficial growth for the society. By conducting business in a fair and transparent manner, we look beyond the financial aspects and extend ourselves to the betterment of humanity and the environment.
We employ efforts to attain a higher level of corporate governance, compliance and corporate ethics, and deepen relations with society. A strategic task by nature, our management actively participates in upliftment of the society. We also involve our stakeholders to create and maintain a sustained tangible value of our company.

At Ashapura, we go beyond the requisite corporate responsibilities by following an ethical and sound path; be it business, economics, environment and the society.
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